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Triumph Bonneville

  • My 2012 Triumph Bonneville ... my dream motorcycle ... and my first (and only) bike that I had some trouble with the boys in blue with ... good times ... actually no ... not really ... quite expensive when I think about it now.

    I'm a soldier who upon returning from deployment thought "I'm good enough to not get caught! I know what I'm doing ..." turns put I was wrong.

    I bought my dream bonne not long after getting my P's (idiot). This decision is in fact made worse, as I could (and should) have been on my open licence already if I had got off my butt and passed the P's test, and waited 12 months (I'm over 25) ... *facepalm*

    Anyway, with a self inflated head and a wallet full of cash, I ran into the dealership screaming "TAKE MY MONEY" and rode away with a brand new bonne. Add a few mods (saddle bags & seat) and I was on the road a few months later having the road trip along the NSW coast down to Mexico ... I mean home ... which is Melbourne.

    I learnt a few things on this trip, like for example; the barman at Moruya tried to short change (a drunk) me $20 (don't worry, he didn't), and that it's really hard to find accommodation in Lakes Entrance around Easter. I continued riding onto Melbourne that day.

    After visiting family, a ferry and some more family, I was off to the Great Dividing Range to visit more family, mountains and a more trustworthy pub. It turned out the pub had burnt down (possible insurance job ... the rude b*****ds) and I would get wet (from rain) on the road.

    However I found another pub in the twin cities on the border (winning) but then endured the most boring ride back home ... along the Hume.

    All in all a beautiful ride on a beautiful bike that I would do again.

    Oh yeah, I was caught on the bike a few months later and left her in the garage until I was legal to ride again. Let's just say after $1500 and 18 months of extremely legal riding/driving (I was the guy doing 5km/H under the limit) I now have less self inflated head :D
  • Between air filters and exhaust, just a stock engine.
  • Arrow Exhausts 2 into 2.
    Air box removal kit.
    Rear fender eliminator kit.
    And many more cosmetic things like fork gaiters and indicators.
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