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Triumph 1050se Tiger

  • G'day all, this is my new baby! I rode it off the floor on the 14th of August 2012. Since then we have had quite a few rides some scares but most importantly alot of fun!
    She started out stock but slowly adding bits an pieces to her. So far mods are: Arrow race pipe and tune, Triumph top box (why it doesn't come standard is a little odd) Garmin zumo 550 gps (some reason wont get power to gps unit but has it to the plug????? also worked fine on my old KLE) I have upgraded the lights to 30w hids, also for being able to see around corners i have some nice tidy looking 15w cree led driving lights. I had to modify brackets to fit around body work neater as stock clamps were too short. I fabbed up a raidiator and oil cooler protector as it is very vunerable so was much needed. I also fabbed up a longer and slightly wider chain guard as the guard is much too short and makes a mess of the back of the bike. this still needs some modifying as the chain rattles against guard so back to square one and redesign. I have added a bit of bling to rear of the bike to get away from the ugly plastic label holder and number plate bracket. probably forgot some bits and pieces but like anything, it'll never be finished! Here's some pics as teasers lol.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]