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Suzuki Savage bobber

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  • This is my '86 Suzuki Savage. It's a 650cc single cylinder, 4 speed. I discovered the bobber style one evening trawling for moto content to read and saw some pics of a Suzuki bobber on Blue Collar Bobbers website. I had to have one. It took me 2 years of internetting to find this one, on Fleabay and located in central Victoria. I probably paid too much for an unpopular bike like this ($3k) but luckily I was the only bidder. A mate and I went on a road trip from Adelaide to pick it up and was good to see it lived up to the description. Serviced it and rode for a couple months, just to see how it went, then started bobbing out. I'm pretty happy with the result.
    Ironically, Suzuki have recently re-released the Savage as the S40 so I guess mine's effectively worthless now, being an old dunger. Never mind.
  • 652cc single cylinder
    Single OHC, 4 valve
    4 speed gearbox
    Belt drive
    21" front wheel
    15" rear
  • 2" pullback drag bars
    Ebay slash cut mufffler, glasspack replaced with home built baffle
    bobbed BSA front guard
    bobbed generic 6" rear guard (ebay again)
    repro Vincent STOP light
    Bullet indicators
    Homemade seat
    Colour courtesy of Fiat (Bambino)

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  1. kingy
  2. KustomCandy
    Tis not about what its worth, before or after. Its about building something for yourself first most. Every one els comes second.

    Its a personal thing, of your machine and what you built. Its get on kick it over and haul A** outa their. To hell with conformity.. :)
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