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Super Duke 990 R

Average User Rating:
  • My 07 Super Duke,

    Some minor mods, most notably the exhaust as well as a tail tidy, LED rear indicators, HID headlight, bar end mirrors and a few other minor items.

    Only complaint about it is the rock hard seat.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Greggles
    "Great Colour Scheme"
    Don't get me wrong I'm sure it is a great bike to ride and it does have presence. But I think you're either an angular type of person or a curved type. While I appreciate the style and design, I prefer flowing curves to the sharp angular structure of this baby. It look fast and slightly angry which I assume is what they were looking for when they designed the bike and it works really well. In the end it's a motorbike it's freedom on tap and fun as all hell and that's what really matters.