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RVF400 Journey of LIFE YO

Average User Rating:
  • Well as stated in the description, this bike has been a never ending semi-restoration project from the day I bought it from Team-moto (so much for perfectly running eh?).

    It now has a rare SP1 JHA Full System that's pushing 64hp, no flat spots, revs cleanly throughout! I've also finally fixed all the electrical gremlins that these bikes are known for, fingers crossed nothing breaks.
    This is an RVF I'm keeping for life, it has been a pain in the arse, made me want to cry at 2:00am in the morning (WHY WON'T IT WORKKKK OMGAWD T_T), and made me want to shove it off a cliff, but in the end, it was all worth it, bike's pretty much perfect now.
    I'm keeping this RVF for life (or as long as I can).

    Now it's time to actually go ride this thing! Finally. . .

    I really should go on a track day and actually learn how to ride. . . alas I have nobody to go with . . . sad face.
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