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Razorback the Combo From Hell

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  • Came across an old pic, when having a bit of a clearout, of my old, homebuilt GSX550 outfit. Thought I'd post it, and another which has appeared before on NR, to provide a bit of a contrast to all the shiny.

    I must have been a lot braver when I was younger :).
  • Mechanically mostly stock Suzuki GSX550ES.
  • Bodywork removed and thrown in bin. Seat cut in half and pillion section replaced by bizarre construction of 10mm threaded rod and gravel in a canvas bag cunningly disguised as a small seat. Cosmetic modifications by Armco and bitumen. Paint job of grey acrylic primer over enamel for that wrinkled effect, with topcoat of clart from British winter roads. Ferrous oxide highlights.
    Miscellaneous collection of scrap metal, random MZ components and part of a Triumph Herald bolted to left hand side, possibly as a result of undiagnosed mental illness on the part of the builder.
    Gearing lowered by quite a few teeth on the back sprocket to allow spinning of the rear concrete Metzeler (matured on the shelves of the local wreckers for 10 years to my knowledge) at any speed, in any gear.