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Raunchy Italian

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  • I never thought for a moment that after a simple test ride out in the Kinglake hills, it would be the decider for my next bike. The bike had to have plenty of get up and go, be able to carry luggage, handle well, look great, feel great, and sound great. All those boxes were ticked.

    olympicwizolympicwiz is to be thanked for initially posting the MV Agusta Ride Experience day thread, otherwise I may not have even considered the Italian offerings. I'm glad I went and spent some time among the carpark full of Italian beauties.

    Currently, I am still running it in, playing with suspension settings, MAP settings and generally tweaking the bike to suit me and my riding style. It's a whole heap easier to throw around compared to the big heavy Tiger 1200, it reminds me of my dirt bike days where there was plenty of power on tap without the weight.

    The first real outing was a trip up to Lake Eppalock for a photo shoot. Many more trips will follow, including the Victorian High country and of course, Tasmania.
  • Radiator/oil cooler guard.
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  1. ozboater
    "Looks fantastic"
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