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Oggy the Ninja 250R

  • Oggy, my first motorcycle.

    "Oggy" comes from the motorcycle's original number plate before it was replaced with my custom one (which had the letters "OG" in it)

    I spent months searching for *just* the right bike, and I found Oggy a state away, in Queensland.

    She's been with me along the 'old road at Cowan, and all over Sydney as my commuter bike (and only vehicle!)

    I've always loved how slick the ninja looked for a bike that was comparatively tame - and so comfortable, too!

    By most standards, Oggy is pretty stock - as I opted not to fiddle too much as I was gathering riding experience!

    A little sad, as I'm going to put her on the market soon! :-(


  • Custom clutch lever/ brake lever
    Oggy knobs
    Wheel rim tape
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