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Noddy the CBR600RR

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  • So I'd been riding Oggy the Ninja for about 3 years, and after taking her on some regular commutes on a freeway, I was starting to notice I'd reached "the ceiling" - where I couldn't see past her limitations.

    So the search was on...

    While most bikes were out automatically because they were just *too high*, I didn't want to have to compromise merely on its' seat height, so I spent a lot of time just sitting on bikes to get a feel.
    6 months later, and Noddy the CBR600RR was sitting in my garage!

    The name, similar to my previous bike, came from both a nod to his previous owner (whose name started with N), the original number-plate, and also a respectful reference to the first time I tried a quick-stop with the front brakes... :eek:

    Another second-hand purchase, Noddy's previous owner had a very similar taste to mine in regards to what modifications to add - meaning there were some lovely additions straight off the bat.

    While I left my first bike relatively alone, with Noddy I intend to do the opposite - playing with modifications, adjustments, (a custom paint job!), and learning to perform my own maintenance. You could say Noddy will be my gateway motorcycle, and I hope the bike that comes out of it will truly be my own!
    In addition, I'm also hoping I'll get to do my first (of many?) track days where I can really feel this bike come into his own - 'because riding around roads and behaving myself feels rather like taming a rabid tiger!

    I can't wait to see where Noddy takes me, literally and figuratively!

    The day I brought Noddy Home...

    Getting the hang of Noddy in the local business park - bringing back memories of my L-Plater days!
  • Black clutch and brake levers
    Oggy knobs
    Black solid footpegs & gear lever set
    Rear seat cowl
    Carbon fibre rear mud-guard
    Minimalist tail-tidy
    LED tail light & indicators
    Yoshimura Exhaust (I think it's an RS-5?)
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