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My work horse... '91 GSX750f

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  • Hi.. I thought i'd show you my latest workhorse. I ride an average of 500 kms a week to work and back.. and having done the head gasket of my zzr600, I felt condemned to a miserable long commute in a magna.. Until this machine turned up.

    Bought it of a lad from work that had it abandoned at one of his properties by a dodgy tenant, and sat on a dusty room for about 2 years.. Ignition destroyed (been taken to by a would be burglar with a screwdriver), cracked fairings and a decent dent on the fuel tank out of dropping it while parked (again, retard burglar)

    Got it for just a cupl ' hundred bucks.. for parts, really...
    Took it home, and when i had some time i started cleaning it up, rewiring, tinkering, cleaning plugs, clearing spiders from airbox etc... And it started!!

    Long story short, slowly have replaced some bits (nothing major, really), repaired others, done valve clearances, etc..

    So far i've put on i reckon something like 10.000 ks on it, and she still goes strong.

    I compare it to a Holden Kingswood, kind of.. Not the prettiest thing, but bloody comfortable, and enough grunt to get you out of trouble when needed..

    Im still thinking on more changes to it.. paint, maybe, dont't know about whats left of the fairing, but it does get some of the rain off my face.. so I don't know..

  • Suzuki GSX 750f 1991
    120.000 ks