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My 04 R1 and previous bikes

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  • Hello everyone, since I'm new here I thought I'd put some pictures of bikes up to share. I managed to dig up some old photos.

    First is my current 2004 R1. A true 1-litre supersport was always on my mind. Stock but it has a set of Factory Pro velocity stacks on the intake side giving the bike an awesome growl even on the stock exhaust. And some extra midrange torque.

    Next is the last bike I had, a 2008 2nd gen. Hayabusa. Stock but de-limited. This was my dream machine. Awesome and hard to find colour scheme. I miss it so much- why did I ever get rid of it? Oh because I thought I'd get out of riding and save my money. That Idea lasted about 6 months...

    Last is the first bike I had coming off my L-plated Yamaha 250 virago... and my first taste of real speed. The timeless Honda blackbird. Silky smooth engine... spy plane looks. And the most comfortable bike I've had. Mine was a 1999 model, so the first of the fuel injected models but without power-cutting exhaust restrictions introduced on later models- so for me it was THE blackbird to buy. The right colour, too...

    Each bike is awesome in its own way. Now excuse me I think there's something in my eye.

    Thanks for looking.
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