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MT-07 #999999!

Average User Rating:
  • Even though two MT-07s were collected at the dealer whilst i was putting down a deposit and dozens of same model (and colour) are posted in the showcase, I jumped at getting an MT-07 as my first bike in September 2015.

    Has done 3000km to date and alas looks the goods without L/P plates or Flouro. Whilst I always found it hard to keep the same car for more than 1.5 years, this should keep me happy for the 3 year restriction period (that's what she says anyway) :sneaky:

    Didn't take much research or discussion to go with the Akrapovic exhaust, but despite a fun weekend group ride, the mornings were too painful without the Baffler, so that was installed a week later.
    Only strange occurance to date has been whilst out for a ride with friends one morning and noticed the indicators weren't working...
    • Stopped off at cafĂ© and thought it's likely to be a blown fuse.
    • Finished coffee, and planned to go servo.
    • Started bike and voila, they were now working.(n)
    _RESIZED 20160106_152745. _RESIZED orig2 20160106_152745. View attachment 45124
  • Akrapovic Exhaust - Carbon
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