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More fun than you can imagine

Average User Rating:
  • This bike is just the best for a quick blast into town to meet up with people. Its quite at home on dirt roads [taking your time] but on stuff you would never put a sports bike near. At low speed while training its like riding a CB250, really quite amazing for a 865 cc bike. Its got an incredible turning circle and most of its weight is nicely low slung.
    Wash it and give it a thorough detail and people swoon over it where ever you go. I have put a lot of chrome on it, a centre stand, grab rails and pannier bars, pulled the standard handle bars back hard and had the tank completely repainted but kept the gold hand done pin stripping from the factory. The pipes , tappet covers. headlamp ears, bar end mirrors and chromed chain guard were the other little added bits.There is not another one quite like it.