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Megelli 250r

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  • As a new member of the netrider forum, let me share with some of the other new additions to the world of motorcycling (learners and provisionals) my choice of a first 2 wheeled road machine.

    Mine is a Megelli 250r, and when I purchased the bike second hand about 10 months ago, it was horrible. Murphy's Law prevailed, "what can go wrong, will go wrong". But after spending about $1,100 fixing the R&D and reliability issues that the manufacturer should have done before they decided to bring the product to market, it is now my dream bike (or at least until I can move on to a full licence and get that 848 street fighter I've always wanted). I love finishing work or strolling out of a lecture theater to see it standing strong amongst the R1's and jixers, even though its bark is much greater than it bite.

    I have seen a friends 2013 Megelli with the suspension changes, updated brakes and new petrol tank arrangement, and I must say that there has been a big improvement from my 2011 bike.

    If you are thinking about getting a bike, or upgrading from a 125, the Megelli is great to pose on during the weekend. I may however hesitate to call it an everyday commuter bike, but if your dedicated to having something unique and something that can give you a brief and fleeting glimpse of what a sport bike ought to be, then go for it.
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