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Matt's 1993 Honda CBR250RR (N) MC22

Average User Rating:
  • My Suzuki Across got written off so I was looking out for a new bike, I sat and test rode a few bikes but I didn't really like them. I got suggested to look at the MC22, so I went to look a few and decided to get one. Picked this one up having one owner in the last 10 years.

    Since owning:
    • Front brakes rebuilt and painted
    • Exhaust downpipe painted so it doesn't look so tired
    • Sprockets and chain replaced (standard teeth)
    • Clutch, clutch springs and clutch cable replaced
    • Braided front lines
    • Carbs rebuilt & synced with new seals & boots, 1+1/8s on the pilot and 108/105 as the main jets, I had 110/108 but it was too rich
    • Unifilter
    • Painted forks (removed corrosions/chips) & 20c mod
    • Shorty exhaust
    • Ecliptech headlight upgrade kit
    • LED tail lights
    • Arrow indicators
    • XCite CNC levers
    • Tyga cluster surround.

    It rides great and is definitely an improvement over the Across, except I do miss the man-bag!