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Marks SV650S

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  • This is my first bike, and one which i have waited very patiently, and very nervously all at once. 2 years I spent saving, spending, buying gear, looking, saving again and finally buying the bike I've wanted for a long time. The 2nd Generation Suzuki SV650S.

    Mine is an 05 model, with fuel injection, Renthal bars, heated hand grips, a Staintune pipe, and Ventura rack which comes in handy for commuting a couple days a week, and I can fit 32 red bulls and a change of clothes in it for those long trips.

    I have only a few cosmetic changes I want to make: rear cowl and belly pan and maybe the mirrors.

    Mechanically, The brakes are one area I'd like to fix as soon as possible. They are adequate, but they do not instill a lot of confidence in a beginner rider. The engine braking from the V-twin is something that caught me off guard the first few rides!
    Here are some photos of her. I've named her Ronda (Rousey), but the Mrs refers to her as (Chilli) Pepper.

    Stay upright,