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KTM Duke 390

Average User Rating:
  • For the vertically challenged...
    This is certainly a fun bike for the L's and height challenged rider, although I am on my opens I've kept this bike since I like doing long distance touring and I need something that if I drop - I will be able to pick up by myself.

    I'm 4 foot 11 and I have a hard time fitting onto bikes even after sculpting the seat and getting a lowering link installed!

    No, your arse doesn't look big on this...
    At 155kg wet weight, this is a light nimble bike that although you will have to wring its neck to get it to go. However it is pretty spritzy when you work the gears quickly and once you get used to the riding position (the pegs seem to be in a weird position), you can really make it dance in tight & twisties.

    I have generally ridden with a group with bigger 1000cc+ bikers and of course this bike can't keep up or has the pull like the bigger bikes; but I can certainly give them a run for their money in the hills :D

    You get what you pay for...
    It is one of the lighter bikes in its class since there's lots of plastic bits to it, and you do have to get used to the non-metal feeling, but once you see it for what it is; it does grow on you :) I've come to love it in its own right. It is made in Bangladesh, so don't expect it to be of BMW quality in construction. But for the $$ that it costs, it's not that bad. I haven't had one long enough to be able to comment on the long term wear and tear.

    Having said this - the standard tyres it comes with Metzeler Sportec M5s are super. After having tried these, I've now had 3 diff sets. Being so small and light, combined with a super light bike, although soft tyres they've lasted me shy of 10,000kms! These tyres are awesome on the wet, with hardly a difference noticed between wet and dry conditions. They're as sticky as your 2 year old hands after holding candy. ;-)

    It's your tap beer kind - not your refined cellar aged wine....

    Being a single cylinder it is a bit unrefined, and does vibrate quite a bit through the handle bars, but that can be mitigated with gel insert gloves or after market bard ends - otherwise, just have to suck it up. It's a little too 'snatchy' from 0-5km for my liking but again, You can't expect it to have a very smooth acceleration band for what this is.

    This is a good bike for cooler climates since the heat exhaust comes directly onto your legs, so for the Qld climate it's a bit hot, but you purrrrr like a kitten further in the southern states.

    It doesn't have a drinking problem...
    The most I've been willing to push my luck has been 312kms for 1 tank (11L)! So touring isn't too bad to find a petrol station and comfortably can go between most Australian towns without having to take a separate fuel tank.

    Overall musings
    Overall this bike is a hoot due to it's manouverability, the amount of mod cons you can make to it, how light it is, and how sticky the tyres are. It's a breeze to park and can cope with long distance touring. It's super for Learners and short riders doe to the size and weight. It's an absolute hoot to ride soft or hard along tight and twisties.

    On the not so great, it isn't a bike that has enough power to pass easily other vehicles or climb with weight on the back; if you want to keep up comfortably with packs of the bigger bikes on long stretches it can be a challenge... but for this i say - just take the inland route and bypass highways ;-)
    IMG_2166.JPG FullSizeRender. IMG_2166.JPG IMG_2167.JPG IMG_2191.JPG IMG_2747.JPG
    Design1-cylinder 4-stroke engine, water-cooled
    Displacement373.2 cm³
    Bore89 mm
    Stroke60 mm
    Performance32 kW (43 hp)
    Starting aidElectric starter
    Transmission6 speed, claw shifted
    Engine lubricationForced oil lubrication with 2 Eaton pumps
    Primary gear ratio30:80
    Secondary gear ratio15:45
    Cooling systemLiquid cooling system, continuous circulation of cooling liquid with water pump
    ClutchWet multi-disc clutch / mechanically operated
    Ignition systemContactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment
  • Inclusions / modifications:

    Crash bars,
    Radiator guard,
    hand guards
    Touring screen
    GPS/ Phone RAM mount
    Dropped forks
    Gel seat
    Ventura Rack
    12V power socket
    Data dot security
    headlight protector
    shortened stand

Recent User Reviews

  1. 69SIM
    Love me a good lawnmower!
  2. GeorgeO
    "Perfect learners bike to find your 'feet' with"
    I liked the little Duke so much I still have it after upgrading. For filtering through traffic and the daily commute into the city its much more fun than my MV.

    I have done quite a few track days on the little Duke and can honestly say that the Metzelers they come with are really confidence inspiring. It was the perfect naked bike to learn my track day craft on.
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