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Kawasaki ZX2R

Average User Rating:
  • Our latest addition to the Stable ..
    I was a tad jealous that I didn't have a classic to run at the Broadford bonanza ,
    So the fun began ... We looked at around 4 25yr old bikes ( 3 Hondas ) And this little girl caught my eye as Bruce has the Red 89 GPZ 900 that has also just been registered as a classic , and I got her for a steal ...
    Ironically B has a lot of spares for his GPZ and some of the bits n pieces actually fitted this little baby ..
    B has been tinkering on her , kinda cute coming home from work and she's been sitting in the driveway while he's doing tyres for customers and tinkering between jobs ...
    She's rough around the edges .. But that's her character builds ...
    Can't wait to finally take her for a spin ( heal shoulder & neck !!! God dammit Heal !! )
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