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Hyosung GV700C to get me back on the road after 15 years

Average User Rating:
  • Back on the road again after 15 years.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Kupe
    "Smart looking machine."
    Should give the Shadow 750 a bit of competition. I bet it's comparable in price too.
    Never owned a Hyosung but have cruised with a few. All had strong donks, managed well and behaved nicely.
    I'm glad to see Hyosung raise the bar here and bring out a 700. All we have to do now is raise the LAMS rating to 700 and place exclusions on high performance machines under 700cc, like the 600 series bikes. Some of them really move!
    This is such a departure from the Aguilla. Hardly in the same ball park. Love it!
    I'm thinking this bike may suit the ladies too...don't know what she weighs though.
    Hope you have many great rides on her which I'm sure you will!
    1. rebm
      Pretty well right on all counts. Striking looks, bloody fast but the budget price does show in the quality of the finish if you look closely. I bought it secondhand from a guy who bought it brand new 2 years ago and then went up north to work so didn't ride for a year. Paid $5000 with 3500 km on the clock. Cost $11500 new so I was happy. Haven't had any issues with neutral It's quite heavy at 244 kg but very low. I am 5'3 and I easily stand flat footed. Wife absolutely loves being on the back but needs the backrest or I would have lost her off the back by now.
  2. Senator17
    "Cool looking bike"