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Honda VT250C Factory Custom

Average User Rating:
  • This factory custom looks great, feels safe and surprisingly well make for a large body packing a small V-Twin engine. Really good for learners, if you want to ride in style.

    Surprising enough, any info on this model is very hard to come by, considering it's one of the best looking bike for the learners. I've done my research for 5 months before buying it, the only thing I could find is a 1999 model (this is a 2000 one). I got a manual which says what it is, but the web is surprisingly less resourceful. Too bad that a bike of this caliber is practically ignored like this.

    Handles like a dream, sounds awesome. Would do $130 without breaking a sweat, gives up to 28km/liter (premium 98). Breaking is a bit hard so I would not recommend speeding. It's simple physics, the bike is heavy so the faster you go, the harder it is to brake. Disk brake at the front and drum at back, this bike does not offer any special kind of braking (ABS) although I would like to try installing one.

    Like any other Honda, it's kind of bulletproof. Exaggerating aside, this is really a weatherproof bike, I've (ab)used it through all type of city terrains and never put a cover on. The chrome and seat is of top quality material which looks the same way the day I bought it.

    The only think I had to change is the chain, fairly easy once you know how to do it and own a gas powered impact wrench and a nifty set of tools. You can easily strip the bike in minutes, 90% of the major parts are accessible.

    Changed the grips, mirrors and blinkers to skull blinkers, had to cut the hole for the stem, all it took is a careful screwing with the new stem. Want to install a powerful headlight, the factory one is fairly dim (to me at least).

    It's pretty generic, means most of the aftermarket parts will fit. Not too hard to fiddle around with it either.

    Would like to find out your experience about it, please feel free to comment if you have owned or had a ride on it.