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Honda vfr800f

Average User Rating:
  • image. 2015 1600km set up for touring.
  • 800cc v4
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Recent User Reviews

  1. fatbastard
    "VFR = Very F***ing Reliable"
    Thought I'd pop up a review to assist anyone considering a sports tourer. The VFR has done this role really well for a long time. There are plenty of good second hand ones around but I went with the newer model as the changes really suited me. Honda got rid of the linked brakes, they gave it traction control and ABS, heated grips, upgraded suspension, LED headlights, reduced complexity and made it easier to work on by getting rid of the underseat exhausts and twin, side mounted radiators. The new model is lighter, slimmer, nimbler and still retains all the good points of the older one.

    The low beam on the LED lights isn't perfect, it can be a little unsettling on unlit windy roads. Driving lights fix this. High beam is excellent.

    The self cancelling indicators work fine, I think they're good. There may be some occasions when you need to turn them back on, but once you know those it's not a big deal.

    You also get used to the horn, which Honda switched with the indicator switch.
  2. Batchy
    "Good all rounder"
    One of Honda's enduring models. They've been around for nearly three decades, a credit to the success of this model.
    It delivers creamy smooth power in all rev ranges. It's hard to beat.
    It has nice long legs for one-up day or overnight tourer. Not so nice if you're trying to carry a pillion.
    The ride is a little soft and only gets worse with two-up. Otherwise a very comfortable and fast bike. With an after-market pipe, the four barrel exhaust can sound awesome.
    (My brother owns three models (yes, at the same time) and they're a credit to the world's biggest motorcycle manufacturer)
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