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Honda Valkyrie F6c

Average User Rating:
  • This is my Honda Valkyrie F6c.

    I bought this bike around 6 years ago and have loved every mile I've done since.
    It has taken me around most of the UK and well as into Europe a couple of times.
    It's a big heavy beast but once rolling it handles very well.
    I've been told that it sounds like a Porche on steroids.
  • 1520cc, 6 cylinder boxer type engine with 100 bhp and 133 Nm of torque.
    It weighs in at 309 kg dry.
  • Too much chrome add-ons to list but do have a tow hitch and custom Mustang seats.
    The trailer I hand built from scratch, it took a lot of effort and money but it's been fantastic.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Kupe
    Beautiful looking bike! Like this bike and the Rune & F6B

  2. East Coast Cruiser
    What an amazing looking bike and it's great to see that it is used for it's intended purpose. The rider must be built like Godzilla to hold it upright at rest. Would love to hear it at full noise.
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    1. Valkrider
      Thanks for the comments.
      I bought the bike about 6 years ago and it had 14,000 miles on it, now it's 38,000 miles. 2012 and 2014 it didn't get used much due to poor health.
      It's now 17 years old.
      It does help to be bigger than your average rider but because the weight is all low down it's quite easy to manage.
      I'll get round to taking a video at some point and post it on here somewhere.