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Honda SL 350 based Cafe Racer

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  • I had been riding bikes ever since I was able and owned many. Back in the mid to late Eighties I built and raced in post classic road races a similar bike to this. After a prolonged period away from bikes my circumstances allowed me to re visit my love affair with two wheels and I began to restore old neglected bikes. It dawned on me , Out of nostalgia probably that I would like to build a road legal version of that road racing SL 350, That is what I have attempted to do.
  • 1970 K1 SL 350 Honda​
    Road trail model​
    double down tube all tubular frame​
    325 cc SOHC parallel twin​
    Primary kick start only​
    5 speed gear box​
    33 bhp​
  • Frame de-tabbed, Blasted and painted​
    19" front wheel and brake replaced with 18" with larger front drum brake​
    wider rear rim​
    Both wheels blasted and painted and re laced with new chrome spokes​
    Home fabricated custom front and rear guards, Seat and tank​
    new rear shocks and springs​
    one off wrapped headers and new megaphone mufflers​
    Engine re bored to accept 1.0 mm over forged hi comp Wiseco pistons​
    Acewell integrated gauges and idiot lights​
    26 mm Kehein carbys replaced with 28 mm Mikunis​
    Pod filters​
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