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Honda CB250

Average User Rating:
  • That's my CB250. There are many like it, but this one is mine.:) Actually, in some sense she's one of a kind. For instance she has been repainted by it's previous owner to so instead of being black(her original colour) or cherry-red(CB250s' "other colour"), she's now in juicy and flashy bright red. And everybody knows that red goes fasta, the brighter the faster ;)

    And of course, she has some rather unique quirks. Like preferring to rest after a long ride. "What, we rode for two hours straight? Yeah, no way I will start back right away until I'm all nice and cool". Or disliking the rain more that I do. "Am I wet all of a sudden? I'll now become sassy and will drop my revs every now and then". Sure, her quirks are mostly dealt with(not by me, I'm not good enough for that. yet.) but it was kinda hilarious in a weird sort of way to have this stuff happen every now and then.

    But most importantly, she's unique because of all the good times we had together. She may not be the biggest or the most stylish motorcycle around but she was(and still is) my first one. She helped me to learn how to ride and was patient with all mistakes I've made. That hole in the side faring? Yeah, that's yours truly going down for the first time, at a big and scary intersection and on his first ride, no less. Took a lot of courage to go back to riding after that but thankfully we both survived that incident almost unscratched and had a lot of fun times together since then.

    Yeah, I love by CB. :love:

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