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Her name is... Bug

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    Picked her up yesterday from a 71 year old gent, who bought her new.
    He's a Ulysses member and used to do adventure touring, but has ridden less than 3k in the last 18 months. Apparently, Bug was getting a bit heavy for him, so he's got a great deal on a new DR650.

    As the screen was causing severe buffeting, I've removed it for now and it's more like a naked ride. She looks a bit odd, but it'll do for the short term. I definitely want the windscreen sorted for Jindabyne, though.

    She's travelled 33,000 km, has full service history, 12 month rego and I got change from $6k, so I'm pretty chuffed.

    Did a short, dry ride today and the handling is AMAZING. I thought the 19" front wheel would make it a bit vague on fast bends, but the opposite is true.
    Bug eats corners faster than Augustus Gloop inhales chocolate.

    Will be doing some adventure riding on this baby, so Rox Risers will be fitted quite soon and a centre stand to make servicing easier.
    Then I'll sort out some luggage and we'll be set to go exploring.
  • Michelin Anakee II tyres
  • Engine bars, a bash plate, Barkbusters, 12v charge socket inside fairing, Omni cruise control and a cramp buster.
    A DIY mount for my TomTom, which will get relocated behind the screen, once that's sorted.
    Next order of business is a Madstad windscreen bracket and a centre stand, followed by a rear rack, top box and pannier frames for soft luggage.

    Might look at some mirror wideners in the future. I like my jacket arms, but might get sick of looking at them all the time.
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