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Harley Davidson Switchback

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  • IMG_0852.
  • 1690cc air cooled V-Twin
    Conventional forks, twin rear shocks.
  • *done*
    Vapor 5 spoke chrome wheels
    Screaming Eagle 254E Camshafts
    Screaming Eagle Nightstick performance muffler
    Screaming Eagle High-Flo filter kit
    Screaming Eagle Super Tuner Pro
    Chromed lower fork sliders
    Chromed lower belt cover
    Chrome front axle nut covers
    Chrome round section rear rack
    Saddleman luggage bag
    Hoglights LED headlight
    HD round section low sissy bar
    HD sissy bar pad
    Progressive fork springs
    Progressive 444 rear shocks
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Recent User Reviews

  1. NannyJulz
    "Love mine great bike."
    Got this bike because I couldn't get around corners on the Fatboy I had. Now I can chase down the old man no worries. Centre of gravity seems a bit high after riding a softail, that seemed to be 6 inches of the ground to me. Bought mine second hand and have had it for 9 months now and no problems. It got traded because he went back to a European bike. The cops don't seem to hassle me as much now.
  2. Capt ball bag
    "Beautiful bike"