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GN250 RetroRacer

Average User Rating:
  • The aim of this project was to create an easy to build & ride fun bike, that is ideal for local riding & a few short rides.

    It is probably 95% complete at time of writing, with just some aesthetics to pin down & a few niggles to sort.

    I have included a before & after photo so you can see how much was achieved.
  • Pretty much standard here, with some minor mods on the next page
  • Where to start - maybe at the front...

    Removed front guard, fitted café racer bars with new grips & bar end mirrors, dropped forks through triples, replaced entire dash unit with single chrome backlit speedo unit, pod filter, repositioned battery, raised rear of tank, raised front of seat, seat reshaped & recovered, engine painted Matt black, shortened headers & painted black, fitted reverse megaphone muffler, fitted 16t front sprocket, removed rear guard, home made license plate/tail light/indicator mount, mini chrome indicators, tank sanded back & cleared, side covers Matt blacked, various smaller components Matt blacked