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From a Duke to a Kwaka!

  • Well as it turns out, I've finally upgraded to a non-LAMS cycle. After a good 20 months together Sophia, my 97 Duke Monster 600, is now back in the loving hands of a New South Welshman, returning to the motherland from whence she came. Not wasting any time, I've gone and purchased myself a 2010 Kwaka Ninja 650R with 7,000km on the clock for a basement bargain price. In effect it was a straight swap from a 97 Monster to a 10 Kwaka. It's a registered LAMS model, I have however removed the restrictions tonight. I've insured it as full power and Swann had no problems with that provided I'm not on an R(E) license. No shock there :)

    Personally I had felt that the time had come to move up from the Ducati. As a LAMS mobile I could wring its neck and get little to no excitement from the engine anymore. Now I've brought my Kwaka home, henceforth known as Miyabi, I realise I'll definitely miss the character that Ducati offer. There's just something about them I can't quite describe. The more upright seating positions means I can actually enjoy some decent touring too.

    Mods are already in progress. Here's my list so far and their status;
    - IXIL exhaust en route from Perth. Will be on by weekend.
    - Tail tidy + indicators on order from mybikeparts. Next two weeks hopefully.
    - Ultimate-mobiles phone mount (en route from UK)
    - Sports bars and heated grips (next pay day)
    - New tyres to replace the crap stock ones (next pay day)

    Anyways, here's some basic pics. I'll get more once she has a good clean :)