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Ducati 695 and Burgie 250

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  • Now out of the shed after too many years (that's life for you), and newly registered and insured, the Monster is finally getting some miles. There is still 1000 km of running in to do - only 1500 km on the clock, so far. It is super light and torquey, and very agile. Immensely satisfying. It looks faded in the photo, but is still deep shiny black and bright Ducati red, like new. Monday will see a ride up Dorrigo Mountain to Ebor and back after all the fluids are changed. It's very enjoyable running in bikes 'round here.

    The Burgie AN250 is a recent acquisition, and has been fantastic. It got me back on bikes again, and ready to transition to the Monster. These small cc Burgman's are fantastic all-rounders, carry large loads in supreme comfort, can handle light highway work (does 120+), and are still great fun on a mountain ride. I posted previously about my ride up Dorrigo Mountain, which was huge fun. For me, speed is of less irrelevance, fun factor is supreme, and this ride was as much fun as any ride I've done up to Dorrigo on a bike.

    The Monster has a wet weight less than the dry weight of the Burgman. and feels like a feather in comparison, not that the Burgie is that heavy.

    The 900SSie was posted here previously, and makes up the rest of my 2 wheeled fleet. It is ready to register, but I'm in no hurry, with the fun I'm having on these two bikes.
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