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Current bike, 1994 BMW K1100 LT

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  • I'm new to this forum biz so I hope this all works.

    Had this bike for almost 21 years (next Feb). Been most places between Hobart and Cooktown ( when the road was dirt). Also 3 months long service leave touring through Europe. They've got some big hills over there with lots of snow and ice, and great roads. Read John Hermann's book "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps and Corsica", and then just do it !!!!!

    I'm now 65 and did it about 11 years ago, so all you young healthy blokes shouldn't have any problems.

    Any questions, contact me and I'll see what I can remember. It's a bugger getting old.

    Off to the Ulysses AGM at Albury next March, must remember to ride the Omeo Hwy now that it is all sealed.
    Catch you all later, time for my afternoon nap.

    Al T
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