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  • A quick look at my CBR600RR for anyone interested. I had a 1995 ZX6R Kawasaki for many years and thought this Honda might be a nice replacement. Hear and read good things about this model, but so sure about my expectations. More modern, lighter, fuel injected etc, but still preferred the ZX6R as this stage. Perhaps it was the physicality of the Kawasaki. Love the look of the CBR, but it feels a little small, and I'm not a big guy.

    Pictures don't do it justice. The red is darker in real life.
  • Standard stuff that most technos will be able to find online. Nothing out of the ordinary
  • Strangely, I have reverted the bike to original, as far as possible. It had a Jardine RTOne slip on, twin pipe (heard referred to as the 'pig nose') and to be honest, it was the look and sound that sold me. But the ride seemed awkward. Jerky throttle. I installed a Juice Box Pro with suitable map, and this improved the ride somewhat. Then sourced a full, original exhaust from US. The original configs made a good deal of difference and the ride is smoother for slow riding and feels similar for acceleration. But lost the lovely sound, unfortunately.