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Touring / Sports Touring CBR500R/A

Average User Rating:
  • 2013 model, tri-colour fairings and gobs of torque for a learner bike. Have put around 3000kms since I picked it up in June and it's been perfect. Handles commuting, boring highways, twisty backroads with aplomb. A rack lets me strap down my overnight bag and I've got an awesome tourer. Would love to take it out properly, maybe over Christmas :)
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Mudfrog
    "Tri Colour Rocks !"
    Great choice of bike, infinite mods available - I loved mine. Agree with you , it is a great all rounder. Check out the CBR500 forums for technical tips and mods.

    Good luck and wishing many fantastic adventures.
    Cheers, Fred :)
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