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Aprilia RS 125 2012

Average User Rating:
  • this is my second bike, after only 1 and a half months of riding lol.

    i wasn't in the market for a new bike at all but happened to be searching bike sales one day for a mate who is looking at getting a bike, it the RS popped up, started doing some research on it and watching some youtube clips, i knew i had to have it. went to the dealership on the friday arvo and put a deposit down with out even having a test ride. picked her up saturday arvo and had to ride back down parramatta road, trying to run it in at the same time. that was fun

    first ride was on sunday down the old pac, what an amazing little machine, so easy to handle and keeps up with my mates ninja 300 quite easily. the handling is unbelievable, and the bike is so tight, makes for a very pleasurable riding experience.

    first service will see the upgrade kit fitted which should add 4 or 5 kw, cant wait for that, will be a very quick little bike.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. AJV80
    I had a 2011 exactly the same colour, sweet sweet bike!
    1. RS_Menace
      yeh i loved it, wish i still had it. would have been a sweet little track bike with a bit of work done