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'89 ZXR250R | 4Cylinder screamer

  • 1989 ZXR 250A model
    Inline 4 quad-carb engine
    red-line @ 19,500rpm
    valve bounce @ 21,500rpm

    Used as daily whilst under LAMS restriction
  • stock 45 whp
    Dyno'd @ 54 whp with 98 octane
  • +1 tooth rear sprocket
    megacycles exhaust
    airbox mod, enlarged intake and less restrictive foam
    bigger jets in carbs
    custom de-restricted CDI
    ZXR250C model swingarm
    high comp piston+rings
    custom paint works
  • WHP:
    Dyno Centre/Tester:
    Red's Dyno
    n/a, lost dyno sheet