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'81 Honda CX500 Custom 'Bagger'

Average User Rating:
  • My recent custom build is this 1981 Honda CX500 Custom that was going to start out as a 'Street Tracker' project but timeframe and budget made me alter it slightly. Ended up just being more of a naked, cruiser-ish project so I could get it on the road to replace my last daily rider that 'shat itself' :)
  • Stock 1981 CX500 Custom frame and engine.
  • Build process:- Stripped down, repainted frame gloss black and painted engine satin black. Rebuilt engine rear end, removed excess body panels (i.e.: headlight cowl & instrument panel, rear end tail & light, side covers, etc.) Added aftermarket headlight & tailight and speedo, indicators. Removed airbox and added Pod Filters, re-jetted original carbs. Relocated battery and electronics. Painted rims and fabricated / modified new custom seat from original pan. New modified bars and grips.
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