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2015 Yamaha mt09 Tracer

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  • Hi Boys and Girls

    This is my 4 day old Yamaha MT09 Tracer,
    Thought I'd do a showcase on it for everyone as I have not seen one yet on the tracer.

    So far I've done 300kms on the bike (not yet run in) and love it,
    Well except for the windscreen.... very noisy
    The seat is not bad at all but I'm yet to make my ass grove in it.
    Plenty of power 3 fueling modes traction and abs

    1st photo the day I got it out on a ride :)
    3rd photo test load up for my camping trip later this year
    4th photo discovering the road tire off road capability's :)
    5th photo shows the Bluetooth cb radio setup I will use this on long trips to communicate with the support vehicle anyone interested how I hard wired the sena sr10 and the radio with out the ground loop problem pm me I'll help you out
  • Heated grips (coming)
    Change of windscreen (coming)
    Permanente bike powered uhf radio under passenger seat with sena sr10 Bluetooth sender unit
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