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2015 Triumph Sprint GT 1050 SE

  • A return to the road!
    After a 14 year break, I'm finally back on a bike. I found I couldn't find time to ride as raising 5 kids took all my spare time, and then some! The kids are old enough to ride Pillion and they do their own things now so I got my shit together and bought a brand spanking new Sprint GT. So, why this bike? Well, my last bike was a 1999 Triumph Thunderbird Sport and although it was awesome to ride, it was loud and had no luggage, I'm not a big fan of carrying a backpack while riding and it was really suited more to weekend joy rides (which were fun). This time I was looking for a bike that had the versatility to be good for daily riding, weekend joy riding and even holidays away. I'm finding this bike to be perfectly suited to what I was looking for. I have no desire to be accidentally on one wheel or having to stop for petrol every hour and the longer wheel base of the GT, 280km tank range and included top box and panniers makes it tick all the boxes for me. Looking forward to some fun ride days and good times. :)