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2014 kawasaki Ninja 1000

Average User Rating:
  • Owning 2 bikes suddenly got a bit expensive so the mission was to find a bike with the grunt and fun factor of my Z1000 and the touring capability and comfort of my VFR 800 rolled into one package. Impossible some would say but I think I have found it, possibly the most versatile bike out there -

    The 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000.

    Bought it with just under 12000km and I felt right at home on it as its very similar to the Zed. Its maiden voyage was a proper one too, Oxley Hwy weekend, and it handled everything I threw at it with aplomb.
    It has awesome grunt, very flickable chassis/suspension, can get 300+ km per tank (19L but right wrist dependent), beautifully integrated factory hard panniers and a whole smorgasbord of additional luggage options, 3 stage traction control, 2 power modes, ABS, slip ons and various other aftermarket bits n pieces.

    The only cons that come to mind is that it can be a bit buzzy at certain rpm. Ill look into smoothing that out but its not that big a deal for me.

    I reckon Ill be doing big km on this one.

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