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2013 Ninja 300 - otherwise known as Jet

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  • We're taking it slow - a great love affair should never be rushed :) We're getting closer, getting a good feel for each other and making some great friends along the way :)

    Although this is probably a more technical forum, I just thought I'd throw a little passion into the mix! :)

    The last photo was my reaction when a "friend" told me what an idiot I was for wanting to be with Jet and how he would kill me. I chose Jet over the friend! ha ha ha

    (She only just learned how to blow up tyres and fill up my tank, let alone know anything else but she's promised me she'll learn how to stop me from getting rusty! Don't tell her I told you! Signed, Jet)

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  1. cruisin4abruisin
    Great work @Diantra brilliant write up and some great pics there!! Loved the last pic, very ladylike. Haha
    Diantra likes this.
    1. Diantra
      @cruisin4abruisin Yes well that's what happens when someone tells me I am an idiot for buying a bike and that I am going to kill myself - no matter how much practice I do or how many private lessons I take - the night before I go for my license ... who needs friends like that!?! Not me! And I'm not very good at hiding how I feel ... ha ha ha