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2012 Hyosung GT250r

Average User Rating:
  • My current squeeze.

    A side-grade from my Kawasaki ZZR250, which I wasn't very impressed with. Buying the Hyo completely changed my riding career. The more aggressive seating position and 600cc sized frame lent itself to my 6'1 frame and riding style.

    I was a little weary at first, having heard a few horror stories about the older models. But after some research, I learned that the newer EFI models had fewer problems. I also had a chance to take a mates for a spin..and I loved it right off the bat.

    After a year and a half, the only issue I've had is a small leak from one of the fork seals, everything else running like clockwork. I now have one year to go, until I can upgrade to a Triumph Daytona 675. Until then, this little machine will be perfect.


    Screaming Demon shorty exhaust in gunmetal grey
    Red SD-R adjustable levers
    Smoked screen
    LED running lights set into the two front air intakes (not as blue as they look in the photo)
    'Imperial' decals