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2012 CBR250R Tri-Colour

Average User Rating:
  • This is a 249cc liquid cooled single cylinder road motorcycle, with a 6 speed sequential shift transmission, and a wet clutch system. It is designed mainly with the learner in mind. but apparently is a bit of fun even for experienced riders.....(Thats the sales pitch anyhow)

    What I found with it is, it is very easy to ride on the road, stops on a penny, takes off quickly at the lights and IS fun to ride. It is pretty good on juice, costing me about $12 to fill from empty. I get up to 360kms/tank.

    I think it is an excellent choice for the beginner, BUT in my opinion, I would do LOTS of low speed practice before thinking about doing the MOST on it. Even then, it may me advisable to use one of the training centres CB125's or similar, as this bike is not as easy to do the cone weave and U turn on, although, it CAN be done. :woot:
  • Engine - 249cc 4 stroke single
    Cooling - Liquid
    Transmission - 6 speed
    Clutch - Wet, multi plate
  • Current modifications:
    50mm lowering kit
    Adjustable levers
    Grip puppies

    Future modifications:
    Ash tray
    TV set