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2009 Suzuki GSX-R 750

  • My current ride is a K9 GSX-R 750, Ive done some upgrades to it including a custom fuel map with figures on the dyno showing 140whp. I use it for riding in the mountains and for track days at local race tracks. its a pretty fun bike, nimble enough to throw around with enough power to chase bigger bikes around a track. Purchased bike new and has been very well kept and is in pristine new like condition. I enjoy maintaining my own bikes and like to keep them tidy.
  • 4 cylinder 750cc
    6 speed gearbox
    Dry weight 163kg (minus fuel, oil, coolant)
    Kurb weight 186kg (actual measured)
    Fuel capacity 16.5 litres
  • Akrapovic full raceline exhaust system
    K&N air filter
    Bazzaz Zfi TC QS (with map selector and TC adjust)
    - Quick shifter
    - Traction control system (Custom map developed for TC system)
    Hel Performance braided brake lines
    Pirelli Supercosa SP tyres
  • WHP:
    Dyno Centre/Tester:
    Springwood Suzuki
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