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2007 Suzuki GSXR750

  • Finally got my bike happening!

    Sold my previous bike that got my through my L's and P's which was a Honda Hornet CB250F a few months ago, which meant I was bike-less for some time.

    This bike popped up on Gumtree after trawling through Bikesales and Gumtree and was too good to be true. 2 owners, 21,000km and log books filled in. Bought it and had a mate ride it home as I still didnt have my full licence.

    The bike sat for about a month until I got my licence. That day finally came and the first ride was mind blowing. This things isnt even in the same league as my last one, holy shit it flies! The seating position is full on head down ass up, not very condusive to just cruising but gettign on it will be amazing. This first ride ended up with the bike dying and needing a push start... and then dying again in the middle of the road and nearly kicking me off. Push starting the bike in the rain, only to find the battery was well and truly fcuked was not a good way to start this relationship. Got a new battery the next day and came back to the bike, put it in and rode away, thinking this was the end of the issues...

    Nope. Riding to the gym that weekend, perfect weather, perfect ride, only to have it die on a bridge with traffic flying by. Pushed it to a mechanics, where it sat for a week and a half due to long weekend and needing parts.

    Got it back today and riding it was one of the best experiences ever, gowd damn!

    Its gonna take a while to get back into the groove of riding and getting low in corners, but I am more than happy to take this out and practice.

    BTW terrible photo, too busy riding :)