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1999 Honda ST1100A

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  • The Honda ST1100 (Pan-European in Europe) with CBS-ABS and TCS has a smooth and powerful 1,100cc V4 engine with what was then advanced braking control and the world’s first Dual Combined Brake
    System (Dual-CBS). Further this is integrated with a fully computerised Antilock Brake (ABS) and Traction
    Control (TCS) systems not found on any other motorcycle of the time (1996).

    When I first saw the ST1100 in the mid 1990's I wanted one but could never afford to buy. In late 2005 I began a seach to replace my CX500 with something newer and more suited to two up touring in relative comfort and the ability to tow a trailer.

    In May 2006 I took ownership of the bike from it's previous female owner who lived in Bendigo. The bike was advertised as an 1100 but upon inspection it was the higher spec ABS model with 11,500kms and not even run in yet.

    The next day we rode it home back to SA and within two weeks it was in SA plates and hasn't missed a beat since then. Currently at 150,250kms and I've just replaced the timing belt and awaiting parts (from US) to complete the cooling system overhaul.

    All I've done is maintained the 12,000kms oil/filter requirement, tyres and brake pads. Air filter/plugs/ carb balance and valve check were done for the first time two years ago (valves still within spec) Jan 2011)) at 122,000kms.

    Current fuel average is 15.8kms/litre with a best figure of 18.2km/l and a worst of 13.4km/L which gives at least a safe 350kms (28 litre tank) with the worst figure for two-up touring and loaded trailer.


    Timing belt and other repairs have been completed and bike is now on the road. Re balanced the carbs at the same time.

    In the last week or so an LED brake light has been mounted on the top case.


    A few months ago I added a dash shelf which now has my 12 volt power mounted to it rather than hanging loosely in the LH fairing pocket. GPS is also mounted there when in use and I have a space for a camera as well.
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