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1992 Honda VFR400RR NC30

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  • Because I didnt learn the first time rebuilding a '90 CBR250RR, I thought I would have another go.

    The bike of choice was a bike I have always wanted to have in my actual garage... an NC30!
    This one has most parts ready to go, but that wasnt acceptable in my mind...
    I have taken back to the start again, going to have to clean, maybe rebuild carbies, replace fluids etc, check over everything else and slap a new set of fairings on her.
    I am starting with pic 1, and hoping to get somewhere near pic 2 when it is all finished...

    So, have finished the NC30 and transformed it from the picture as item 1, through to the pictures now. I have replaced pretty much every consumable type parts, using as many Genuine Honda supplied where needed (seals, gaskets, carb boots, springs, jets, bearings) and name brand parts for others (fluids/oils). Even replaced tyres, battery & the triple tree as the one that was on it, didn't seem to sit right. After a new second hand one and brand new bearings, it works and sits better. New fairings and a new tank were then called for, replacing petcock and tank rubbers to ensure the fuel will flow without issue.
    Next stop was down to Lone Pine in Rockingham to get the inspection, off to the DOT and a new rego duly acquired and now is all up and ready to be ridden.

    Now looking for a new home for it, so I can finish my NSR and get another project underway.
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