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1991 Honda CBR250RR MC22

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  • The Honda CBR250 series of motorcycles was produced by Honda between 1986 and 1996. It is a lightweight sport bike with a six-speed gearbox and a 250 cc (15 cu in), four cylinder, four stroke engine capable of revving up to 19,000 rpm

    Initially these bikes were only sold new in Japan, and later the CBR250RR was sold new in Australia. But they can be found in almost any country of the world. In countries which have a 250 cc learner capacity limit, the CBR250RR is one of the most powerful 4-stroke bikes a learner is allowed to ride. The CBR250RR has six gears, and revs just under 9,000 rpm at 100 km/h. The engine uses gear-driven cams which gives the bike a uniquely identifiable characteristic 'whine' that varies with engine-speed.

    The bike has a partially exposed aluminium frame and swing-arm. The suspension on the bike was basic with non-adjustable front forks and a rear monoshock with adjustment for preload only.

    The CBR250RR(R) is known as the 'tri-colour' due to the fact that most (but not all) of the official bikes came in that particular colour scheme. Other than the engine restrictions, this model had several additional differences to its predecessors (L & N models). The bike had more powerful low-beam headlights coupled to a new relay which was automatically deactivated by the start/crank button on the handlebar. This changed the pinout of the switchgear and kill-switch. The carburettor rubber boots were smaller on the CBR250RR(R) than the imports.
  • -Build date is 1991 however compliance in Australia is 1997.
    -MC14e - 4-stroke - 16-valve - Liquid-cooled - Inline four
    -Duel Front Rotars
    -Dry weight is 142KG & Wet weight is 143KG
  • -Modified for single seat
    -Yoshi Pipe
    -Silver Levers and Grips
    -White Rear Cowl
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