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1969 T200 Suzuki X5 Invader (Red).

Average User Rating:
  • All new paint. Lots of polishing and re-chroming. Modern tyres just to be safe.
  • It's a 196cc two stroke twin cylinder. Five speed gear box. Kick start only. It's good for 90mph and reasonably quick off the line for what it is :)

    Engine type: Air-cooled 2-stroke sleeved aluminum twin
    Bore x stroke: 50,0 x 50.0 mm
    Piston displacement: 196 cc
    Compression ratio: 7,0 :1
    Maximum power: 23 hp/ 7.500 rpm
    Maximum torque: 2,3 kpm/ 7.000 rpm
    Transmission type: 5-speed constant mesh
    Gearshift pattern: 1-down, 4-up
    Fuel tank capacity: 12 liter
    Front tire dimensions: 2,75-18
    Rear tire dimensions: 2,75-18
  • Absolutely stock. Indicators were an option and may be added soon to avoid having to do hand signals all the time.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. bikeboy
    "Excellent work on the resto"
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