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'07 Triumph Daytona 675

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  • Finally, I've got around to creating a garage entry for my "scorched yellow" '07 Daytona 675. I'm a 'wall of text' sort of fella, so grab a cup of coffee should you wish to continue...

    She's not the latest and greatest but she's mine and keeps a smile on my dial. My bike is my primary form of transport and (at the time of writing this entry) the odometer shows 60,000km travelled; 42,000km I've added since purchase.

    I bought her second-hand from a dealer after being offered a sweet trade - in on my '09 GS500F. Upon handing the keys back after the test ride and with no hesitation, I whacked a $500 deposit down to secure her. She had 18,000km on the clock (8,000km less than the bike I traded in) and had always been serviced and garaged. Unfortunately, shortly after taking possession, the infamous R/R problem tripped my baby up frying the ECU, blowing assorted lighting and boiled the battery in a flurry of misguided volts. The bike was under warranty (3 months or 5,000km) so I wasn't left out of pocket but being British, had her sidelined for about 10 weeks awaiting parts to be rowed out to Australia.

    Regarding my woes with the R/R... fast forward to March 2013 when my stator decided to burn out 6 of its coils and once again, be relegated to the bench. Rather than get shafted by Triumph's OEM pricing, I chose to order the parts (I ordered a new mosfet R/R at the same time) from www.regulatorrectifier.com which was delivered to my door for $350. This was about the same price as getting the existing stator rewound and well short of purchasing a new OEM stator from Triumph. I did the work myself (fiddly but do-able by almost anyone who can hold a spanner) and keep the cost well within reason.

    Summary: When I bought the Daytona, Goz said, "Say goodbye to your license" and I must say, the bike begs you to push the envelope. Fortunately, self constraint (one of the few benefits of being older) has allowed my license to remain in my back pocket following the mantra, "The right time and place". Daytona's (like most sports bikes) are meant to be ridden hard yet the smooth torque deliver by Hinckley's triple power plant, general nimbleness and narrow stance make it a breeze to do battle with the daily traffic as well. Some say the Daytona's riding position is too aggressive for their liking but that's not been my experience.

    PS. Being a lazy sod, my bike is in dire need of a wash 'n polish. In this state, I'm embarrassed to snap shots of her and post up here so you'll have to make do (for the time being) with the shots used in the advertisement when it was sold.

    Edit 8 April '13 - I managed to get the gel seat for a good price and I have the newer model indicators on order from the UK (Speedy's eBay site).
  • Tyres: When I took possession of the bike, she was shod with a pair of Pirelli Diablo Corsa III's, nice sticky sports tyres and a far cry from the OEM tyres I was used to on my old bike. My riding is a mix of commuting and weekend twisties therefore clocking up the miles with reckless abandon. Once they were properly shagged, I opted for the Pirelli Rosso II's (BikeBiz had 'em on special) and have gone through two sets. Nice tyres but the last set only yielded 6,000km so I was looking around for a worthy replacement. I'd been told the Metzler M5's might fit the bill and reviews boast their wet weather performance to be better than the Rosso's so I opted to try 'em out. At the time of writing this entry, they've only been on for a week but they've endured a couple of spirited runs (Ol' Pac and Bells Liner Rd). What can I say? After an initial scrub in to banish the mould release, the confidence and solid stance of these tyres is a level above the Pirelli's. Tipping in to a corner is an effortless/unhindered experience and rear wheel spin out of a corner has been reduced. Only time will tell if the increased mileage that's been touted comes to fruition.

    Luggage: Carrying capacity is a bane of any sports bike... how to fit? does it ruin the looks? My GS500F had a Ventura rack with the 55 litre touring bag which could hold nearly anything I cared to throw into it. I opted not to install one on the Daytona as it (in my view) spoilt the lines of the bike so for ages, I relied on a backpack and tank bag. Both have their downside; the tank bag had the potential to scratch the paintwork and the backpack placed too much weight on the shoulders when loaded up and presented a heightened risk of injury during a fall. I had a Ventura tail pack that I'd purchased when I first got the GS500F gathering dust but alas, the size of the pillion pad meant the Ventura's "bra" was simply too loose to hold it securely.

    Recently, I purchased the Kreiga US-30 combo tail pack (US-10 and US-20 packs) from their Australian Website (great service I might add) to alleviate my luggage shortfall. Employing their alloy hook/loops attachment solution (to the bikes frame, not simply slipped under the seat), I can securely carry my stuff without the drawbacks of the backpack and/or tank bag. Fully waterproof (thanks to the removable liner), this luggage can be used separately or strapped together yielding enough capacity for a week or two away on the bike. Used separately, the US-10 is perfect for day trips and the US-20 carry everything I need for weekends at my g/friend's.
  • Mods:
    • Remus titanium slip-on,
    • Smoked screen,
    • Tail tidy,
    • More carbon fibre (genuine Triumph parts) than a F1,
    • Assorted scratches from careful wear 'n tear,
    • 1050 throttle tube,
    • Genuine Triumph gel seat, and
    • Genuine Triumph adjustable/folding levers.
    Future mods I've planned are pretty basic, a gel seat and replace the indicators with more modern arrow style blinkers from the newer Daytona 675 models (on order). Neither are really necessary but it'd "complete" the bike in my eyes.
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    "Loving that Bike"
    Like Siwagod, I have followed the (scorched) yellow Trumpy through the Bell’s and down the Great Western. Plenty of pull, power, poise and just sheer sonic sex.
    You've told it like it is and I like it.
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  4. Siwagod
    "Pure Sex"
    God damn I love everything about this bike. Have had the pleasure of following it through Bells Rd. It just sounds and looks beautiful. Before seeing it in person I'd never even considered getting a 675 later on, but now it is on my bucket list. Love it.
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