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Why you're stripping motorcycle screws

Why you're stripping motorcycle screws

  1. Nicholai_Chev
    Why the hell are motorcycle screws so hard to get out and strip so easily?
    This question is a common remark I get when talking to riders...
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  1. jis-screwdriver-side-by-side-phillips.

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  2. Hand model - Optimus Prime's other profession
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  3. A very good contribution. These are the little irritating things that can drive you nuts !
  4. Fixed. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

    And I agree, it's little things like this that make you bang your head against a wall, unless someone points them out to you. Hopefully a few people will check the screw head before ripping in with the wrong bit because of this tip.
  5. As I understand it a JIS Screw head also usually has a small dot on it as well, just so as you can tell that its not a standard Phillips. I had issues when stripping out my carbs and learned the hard way.
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  6. #7 barry_mcki, Mar 31, 2016
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    When removing the secondary butterflies off my Bandit the word was to use a JIS screwdriver otherwise the heads would strip out. Not one of the Canberra tool shops had even heard of JIS let alone stock them, so I ordered a $100 Moody 8 piece set from the US.

    These were taking a bit too long to arrive and the bike had been booked in for a dyno tune so all the worked had to be finished by a set date. I ended up using my cheap fine tip screwdriver from Jaycar without a single screw being damaged or stripped.

    The US set turned up a week later, haven't used any of them yet, but they certainly a nice looking tool; JIS on the left and JAYCAR on the right.

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  7. It doesn't help that they're generally made from cheese and are screwed into alloy so poor that it corrodes if a hamster spits on it.
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  8. You need to train your hamsters better. :)
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  9. this is a bit deceptive because these philips bits wider (the JIS is shorter, but not by that much), but you can make a JIS from a Philips with a steady hand and a Dremel :)

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  10. Certainly can,
    Here is how:

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  11. That video was already linked in the OP ;)
  12. Use a JIS and you end up with a few screws loose, use a Phillips and you may go nuts. Perhaps I should do a bolt to the workshop and let the mechanic risk his sanity.

    Vessel tools (Japanese tool company) do a nice set for about $80 bucks, 3 JIS slot heads, 3 JIS cross heads and the two larger cross heads (which are what you would use most on a bike) have a built in impact driver functionality.

    JIS Vessel Screwdriver Set - Japanese Motorcycle Screwdrivers
  13. My personal set is the more premium Vessel Megadora set however the cheaper one is still pretty good quality from the ones I've gifted and certainly enough for non professional use.
    P1-P3 (which both kits have) is all I've used to pull Honda's, Suzuki's and Kawasaki's to pieces but some bikes may be different. I'm sceptical using the a hammer on my tools and have never used that feature, compared to a phillips screwdriver I rarely strip screws or need to put excessive force into them anymore.

    If your thinking $80 is heaps for a speciality screwdriver you will only use once or twice, remember that a JIS screwdriver is compatible will phillips and can be used around the house.

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  14. Definitely, need to treat impact drivers with care, particularly when you have screws in alloy frames and engine parts. The screw may hold up fine but the alloy may crack.
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  15. 6 piece Vessel JIS Screwdriver set for $78 in Australia
    JIS Vessel Screwdriver Set - Japanese Motorcycle Screwdrivers

    Includes –
    5.5 X 75mm 900 Megadora ( – )
    6 X 100mm 900 Megadora ( – )
    8 X 150mm 900 Megadora ( – )
    P1 X 75mm JIS 900 Megadora ( + )
    P2 X 100mm JIS 980 Megadora Impacta ( +)
    P3 X 150mm JIS 980 Megadora Impacta ( + )

    These Vessel screwdrivers are Made in Japan. Some of the cheaper sets are made in Thailand

  16. My bike seems to be put together with hex heads. Problem solvered.
  17. He looks like he's 'stripping his own thread', if you know what I mean.
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  18. Thanks very useful!
  19. That is a great read. I didn't see any mention of the different values used when going from dry to wet screwing, Most torque values are dry. Wet (whether you use a slip grease or a grip grease) requires a change in value. One never knows just how much though.