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Who to insure with?

Background about the Insurance Industry.

  1. Justus
    Is there ever a week or month that goes by where the "Who to insure with" Q is not asked, not to mention the PM's flying around off the boards, so...
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  1. This is a great post. Thank you.

  2. So there - asked and answered.

    Don't ask again.

    Good work J.
  3. interesting though that you can get such widely varying quotes from companies owned by the same group. They must run different business models and target different segments of the market. Just because AAMI, Just Cars, IMR, GIO etc are all owned by Suncorp (to take as a example) it doesn't mean you shouldn't consider them all for getting a quote.
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  4. Good information, as usual, Justus.

    But have to disagree with you on one thing. The meerkat is not stupid. Aside from the fact that I find Alesander Oorlof entertaining, it is a very clever piece of marketing (meerkating).
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  5. Love your work J, most of the time :)
  6. Very informative. A good candidate for a pinned thread, if not already so.
  7. Tis pinned indeed.
  8. A good place to start is https://quote.motorcycle-insurance.com.au and ensuring you select Netrider in the bottom drop-down box titled "Is the main rider a member of any of the listed motorcycle clubs?"
  9. Useful info J.
  10. To me too this is also one of the most important aspects. Anyone can give you a cheap quote, but how do they treat you when you make a claim? And how many of these companies will answer the phone promptly and not put you in a endless waiting loop? Years ago I had insurance with a subsidiary of Allianz and the service was horrendous. I have been with AAMI for many years now, and love the response time on their phone lines.
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  11. I watch the "Compare the Market" and other type adverts with amused cynicism after reading this post a few days ago!!!!
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  12. This sort of resource is priceless for a newbie. thank you!
  13. Wow, a quote from these guys was about $215 where others were $550, $650 and $1000. So much difference - So what don't I get with Motoi?
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  14. For those with a BMW, be sure to check out BMW Insurance.
    Example case: I'm 35 and went searching for full comp insurance on my HP4.
    AAMI: $1654pa
    Shannons: $1198pa
    BMW Insurance: $695

    All 3 were with a $500 excess for claims.
    Shannons did come with $2000 of rider gear insurance as well. BMW only had $500. However for an extra $40 it was upped to $1000

    Unfortunately they only insure BMW bikes.
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  15. They are allianze. I believe there are many instances of Allianz having branding to suit different markets/appearances.

    I'm with them too. Although I don't have any extras, just 'regular' Comp cover.
  16. if you read the PDS, QBE will make you pay the excess regardless if you are at fault or not and and ONLY refund you the excess (for not at fault claims) IF they can recoup the money from the 'at-fault' party. A lot of the other insurers will not charge you the excess for not-at-fault claims if you can supply the other party's details.
    I also got cheap quote from QBE (moto i) but because of the reasons above, went with Swann who were about 10% more
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  17. the link is a good one but I got a better deal by going direct to QBE. my fatboy was around $400 for full comp insurance. the original quote for the tuono came back at $12xx, after some fiddling they gave it to me for $8xx for agreed value for less than the HD.

    seems they rate HD a better insurance risk than Aprilia
  18. anybody know who carries Shannon's insurance or is it Shannon's themselves.
  19. For those eligible, APIA now do insurance specifically for motorbikes. The new motorcycle specific policies have only been introduced this year. Previously you could insure a motorcycle, but it was under and the same as their car policy. It now covers safety gear, you can get a rental car, and for over 25s the excess is just $100.

    For the record, I do not work for APIA. I have a car insured by them (they've been excellent), and will seriously consider them when my current insurance expires. They are about half the cost of Swann for my bike.
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